Best and Safe Ways To Use VASELINE

Longer Lashes:

A Wink is worth a thousand words“.Same as a saying every girl dream for a perfect long lashes.Ask them what they did for their beautiful lashes.Here is the solution for all the wait.Vaseline helps your lashes to grow longer and look beautiful. Mix half teaspoon of coconut oil with Vaseline and use it on your lashes before going to your bed. It helps your lashes to grow bigger and and your eyes look beautiful.

Soften Cuticles:

Soft Cuticles

“You are never fully dressed without a good set of nails“.Beautiful hands get same attention as a beautiful face.But, not every girl can afford a spa.In these circumstances she can keep her hands beautiful with just an affordable Vaseline from a store. After all this is what I feel. who don’t need a Clean, moisturized and soft hands.It doesn’t possible for a women to have a polished nails always.with this at least we can maintain a moisturized hands regularity.

Smooth Lip Care:

Just put a little Vaseline lip balm on your lips and everything will be just fine.Vaseline is mostly used product in these winters.This petroleum jelly consists of natural waxes and mineral oils which helps to moisturize the skin and also makes the lips soft and pink.It removes dryness from your body and repairs the broken skin and helps your skin to look always soft and moisturized. It removes tan and it doesn’t contain any impurities in it. For your better and smooth lips dab a generous amount of Vaseline jelly onto your lips before bed.The results are soft and beautiful also softens your skin,disappears the dry skin.Most of the mom’s use Vaseline jelly for their minor babies to avoid rashes on their diaper area.

Makeup Remover:

Vaseline is petroleum jelly -based, it dissolves in any type of skin,it can also remove any type of makeup easily.It also proven that Vaseline is very safe to use on any type of skin helps to remove waterproof makeups like also mascara.In other forms Vaseline softens the dry skin and give you a softer texture for any kind of skin. It can help soothe skin that’s chafed and dry.So,this product can lock skin moisture on your face without any other ingredients that might cause irritation to your skin.

Smooth Feet:

Smooth Feet

“There’s is the whole world at your feet” and the statement is true.Most of the men in south observe the feet of the women to check whether they are married or not. and it gives a glimpse of impression. Applying Vaseline on your bare foot before bed can make your feet soft and look beautiful.

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