10 Best Days To Get Pregnant

Most of the women struggle to get pregnant across the world. Women out there suffering from PCOD’s , Irregular periods and hormonal imbalances. But, knowing your fertile period can help you to plan pregnancy accurately or help you to prevent the unwanted pregnancy.

Best Time To Get Pregnant After Periods:
There is a different period cycle length for different women depending on their body health issues. Most of the women will have 28 day menstrual cycle. It can also vary from 25 – 35 days in different cases. In a 28 day’s menstrual cycle the ovulation occurs on the 14th day. The matured egg is released on the 14th day and the life of the egg is 2 days. It can be fertilized on those days. So, Women who are planning to have a child should have intercourse or sex before 2 days of the ovulation days or the next 2 days after the ovulation days. Finally in 28 days menstrual cycle the exact (ovulation) fertile days to get pregnant is in between day 12 to day 16.

If in a women the menstrual cycle is a 40 days, Day 24-day 28. Ovulation will be on 26th day. These calculations are for the regular length of menstrual period.

The above days doesn’t work for the women who have irregular periods or having PCOD and or having any hormonal imbalances. In some cases, Due to their stress levels or any other anxiety issues the ovulation might be preponed or postponed.

What Is A Fertile Period:
Fertile period depends up on the women’s menstrual cycle and when can pregnancy is possible. Menstrual cycle fertile window can varies among women. The fertile period is a day where an Matured egg is released from the ovary which helps to get women pregnant while having sex or intercourse on those ovulation days.

Signs And Symptoms Of Ovulation:
Just before the ovulation the sudden rise of basal body temperature is an indication or a symptom of ovulation. Nowadays there are specially designed thermometers to calculate the basal body temperature (BBT) while you are ovulating.

Ovulation Pain Or Mittelschmerz:
Mittelschmerz means “Middle Pain” in German. The word Mittelschmerz is a German word. sudden pain in lower abdomen is also known as ovulation period.

Cervical Mucus:
Cervical mucus resembles like and egg whites which indicates you are ovulating . While ovulating the cervical mucus is very thin and releases in the form of watery substance. It can help you predict your ovulation day.

Breast Tenderness:
Breast tenderness is one of the sign you are ovulating. It indicates the ovulation and also the potential of the pregnancy. Just before you are ovulating or at the time of ovulation some women have increased sexual desire. And definitely this is the major sign of ovulation.

Some women often feel nauseous and may also have headaches while ovulating. As it is a result of hormone changes. In these days we also have fancy methods to know the ovulating days.
Example: Follicular Study, Fancy apps, Ovulation prediction kits and many more.

Being attentive to your body can help predicting ovulation days. Having an awareness of your body can help you plan your pregnancy.

When Are You Fertile:
You are fertile for the five days leading up to ovulation, Apart from the days of ovulation itself. You are most fertile two days prior to ovulation. You have a better chance of conceiving in these two days.

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